Car Magnets

Car Magnets


A great way to advertise your business is with a car magnet. With car magnets or a car wrap on your vehicle, people will see your business ad wherever you drive or park. Car magnets are typically mounted on vehicle doors, but can be attached on other parts of the vehicle as well and are very effective in helping your brand stand out.

A concern people often have is damage to paint on the vehicle. Our custom car magnets will not do any damage to your car or truck. We understand that car magnets are a very unique item. Car magnets are inexpensive costing less than $50 a piece, and one of the most economical method to advertise your business. Car magnets cost little to purchase, and can have an incredible ROI.

Customizing your promotional car magnets is extremely easy and fast. The beauty of car magnets is that they’re not permanent like stencils or some of the other car advertisement options. Magnetic signage is not permanent and attach in only a few seconds to the sides of your car doors during working hours. If you want to use your vehicle for personal use, you can easily remove your car magnet. Car magnets are smart investments for a lot of reasons. When well maintained, car magnets can last a for years.

Advertise your business with high quality, professionally printed car magnets that will represent your business with a professional image. Our customized, high-quality car magnets are easy and safe to maintain and will endure tough road conditions. Sports fans also love showing off their team spirit by getting car magnets with their favorite team name or a football, volleyball or soccer ball.

Car magnets are a low-cost way to raise funds and show school spirit. If you have a smaller budget for advertisement, your best option would be car magnets due to its affordability.

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